Hackers steal personal data of up to 9.4 million Cathay Pacific passengers

Most people in the world would describe it as a company “admitting they’ve been hacked.”

But if you’re the breached company and want to apply the maximum amount of PR spin, you might instead issue a release saying you’re “announcing a data security event affecting customer data.”

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A Boeing 757 was hacked remotely while it sat on the runway

Don’t panic too much – the hack of the legacy commercial airliner was an exercise conducted by a team of security professionals.

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Reports claim US will ban laptops in all cabins of flights from Europe

Tough luck if you’re taking an expensive laptop with you on a trip from Europe to the States, and wouldn’t dream of checking it into the airplane’s hold.

You might have to stay at home.

Airline passengers’ bookings and info leaked by boarding gate displays

Boarding gate displays at an airport leaked information that could have allowed attackers to gain access to passengers’ bookings and their personal details.

David Bisson reports.

500 free Virgin Airlines flights being given away on Facebook? It’s a scam

Watch out! A Facebook scam has spread across the social network, claiming to offer free flights with Virgin Airlines.

Don’t be duped, and be more selective about what you Like and Share online.

Mystery surrounds ‘hack’ that grounded 1400 air passengers

1400 passengers are stranded at Poland’s busiest airport after what the airline describes as an “IT attack”. But what actually happened in shrouded in mystery.

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Security researcher ‘hijacked plane in-flight’: questions and (some) answers

News reports claim that a security researcher forced a plane to fly sideways – all from the comfort of his seat.

Here’s what we know.

Delta Airlines security flaw allows access to strangers’ boarding passes

Fancy checking in as a complete stranger and changing their seat? It’s easy peasy thanks to this security flaw.

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The United Airlines malware attack

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