[SPONSOR] VASCO’s free guide to securing mobile apps – download now!

My sincere thanks to VASCO, who have sponsored my writing for the past week, and continue to sponsor me for the upcoming week too. Check out their free ebook about mobile security or their free guide for implementing a secure mobile strategy. Thanks guys!

Mobile applications are changing the way business is done, offering instant access to services for your users. Unfortunately, attackers are taking advantage of the many complexities created by the mobile ecosystem to exploit vulnerabilities, resulting in sophisticated fraud schemes and theft of sensitive data

When it comes to your mobile applications, VASCO can help you ensure the right levels of security, without creating additional challenges for your mobile users.

To help you, VASCO has put together a great free ebook which looks at the challenges of today’s mobile application ecosystem, the top 10 mobile security risks and the pitfalls you might encounter in mobile application development.

VASCO’s solutions for mobile security bring new and inter-connected levels of protection to your mobile applications. With VASCO, all core components of your application can now be secured at every level, with protection that is easily integrated, transparent to users, and designed to keep developers focused on what matters – creating new features that drive business forward.

It’s what they call their unified and holistic approach to secure mobile apps.

When it comes to mobile app development, you have to adapt fast. So grab your free copy of VASCO’s “Developer’s Guide to Securing Mobile Applications” now, and learn more.

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