Could spamming a judge send you to jail?

Graham Cluley

A man has appeared in court appealing that he should not have been sentenced to 30 days in jail, after asking his fans and followers to deluge a federal judge with email.

Kevin Trudeau is a controversial book author, infomercial presenter, radio presenter and pusher of alleged alternative medicines. He is entangled in a long-running legal fight with the FTC, who claim that he has misrepresented the facts in adverts for his books which claim to offer natural cures for everything from poor memory to obesity and hair loss.

Earlier this year, he encouraged his admirers to email Judge Robert W Gettleman at the Northern District Court of Illinois, who was overseeing his case.

It turns out that this was less than wise – as Judge Gettleman’s computer and BlackBerry were swamped with emails, reportedly making them unusable.

Despite Trudeau posting an apology on his website,…

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