Spam of the dumbest

Graham Cluley

You have to wonder who the spammers think they are targeting when they use a subject line like this one I saw in a pharmaceutical campaign:

An interesting approach, to abuse your potential customers with a subject line like “Survival of the Dumbest”!

By the way, some of you may be curious as to why the spammers chose to write the names of their products such as Viagra and Cialis in columns rather than the conventional horizontal way. The reason is that they were trying to avoid detection by the more rudimentary anti-spam filters which might look for specific words, but find it harder to see if written vertically.

Indeed, if you select the text of this spam message you can see that the spammers have hidden regular words (using HTML to make them the same colour as the background) in between the letters of their products, in an attempt to make life harder for the spam detectors.

Fortunately, Sophos’s anti-spam solutions are smart enough to spot such trickery.. and we wouldn’t…

Read more in my article on the Naked Security website.

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