Police action shuts German hacking forum

Police in Germany have shut down a website message board where hackers were exchanging malicious spyware and password-stealing programs designed to commit identity theft.

According to investigators at the LKA (Landeskriminalamt) police internet crime unit in the Baden-Württemberg, the www.codesoft.cc forum was being used by hackers to exchange information about malware, spying and the creation of fake credit cards.

A 22-year-old Swiss man from Lucerne is suspected of being the administrator of the forum, which is quite well known in the community.

The man is accused of selling password stealing software under the disguise of his online handle, “tr1p0d”. With the assistance of the Swiss authorities, the man’s flat has been searched, and computer hardware confiscated for forensic examination. Police claim that they found incriminatory evidence on the hard disks, and a database of codesoft.cc’s users and their IP addresses was also confiscated.

Two further men, aged 25 and 28,…

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