Passwords leaked on live TV as UK responds to flood emergency

Graham Cluley
Graham Cluley
@[email protected]

The UK has been hit hard by extreme weather conditions, with transport systems shut down, homes flooded and high winds cutting electricity supplies.

And, inevitably, the story has been dominating the TV news reports for days.

Do you see anything unusual in this Sky News report from this morning from a bunker where emergency efforts are being co-ordinated?

Password leak

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Ignore the chap waving his arms around in front of a map, and take a closer look at what’s behind him.

Password close-up

It’s reassuring to see that they’re using WPA2 encryption at least…

Wireless password

Repeat after me: When TV crews visit, remember to wipe the whiteboard.

Hat-tip: Thanks to reader Ian H for sending in the tip.

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One comment on “Passwords leaked on live TV as UK responds to flood emergency”

  1. and an easy to guess dictionary password to boot. There's still a long to go to convince people to get their act together regarding security.

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