No, you’re not talking to Jason Statham

Graham Cluley

No, you're not talking to Jason Statham

It’s two years since I first warned readers not to be too easily tricked into believing that they were communicating online with Hollywood hard man Jason Statham.

And yet the high-octane action hero still seems to be ensnaring the hearts of the lonely. Or at least someone posing as Jason Statham is.

Bizarrely, I get quite a few emails from readers of this site asking me if the person they have been speaking to for months via WhatsApp/Google Hangouts/email really Jason Statham or not.

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“Could the bankable baldie, engaged to a double-barrelled former Victoria’s Secret model with whom he has had a young son, really be interested in me?” they seem to be asking.

To which the answer is, no. Sorry, he’s not. It’s not him you’re talking to. You’re being scammed.

And even though I can’t, hand on heart, give you 100% incontrovertible proof that it’s not Jason Statham you’re talking to… trust me, it’s not Jason Statham you’re talking to.

Look after yourself, and your heart, and stop talking to people who are pretending to be Jason Statham. Who knows what their wicked intentions might be.

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Graham Cluley is a veteran of the anti-virus industry having worked for a number of security companies since the early 1990s when he wrote the first ever version of Dr Solomon's Anti-Virus Toolkit for Windows. Now an independent security analyst, he regularly makes media appearances and is an international public speaker on the topic of computer security, hackers, and online privacy. Follow him on Twitter at @gcluley, or drop him an email.

One comment on “No, you’re not talking to Jason Statham”

  1. Hello Graham,
    I have been speaking with "Jason Statham" for almost a year. He has called me from a LA area cell phone but offshore spoof calls can authenticate an LA exchange.We use hangouts to communicate but in my mind I know its not him. I keep waiting for the shoe to drop, (a request for money) which hasn't come yet however he talks about coming to visit me on the FFF Plane (lol) and how it will cost for "protection". He wanted me to write an email to the FFF family stating we were in love and he needed a vacation. (i'm not in love) (this is becoming more of a hindrance actually). He told me RWH cheated on him and she is with someone else. He also said he is in Taiwan filming and putting together the biggest contract of his life. He sent me a picture of his boarding pass when heading to Taiwan but it was a Qantas boarding pass and there were no flights departing LAX to Taiwan or even that flight number on that day. I'm going to miss speaking with him because it has become tedious but I wanted someone to know that this happens every day and there are so many lonely people that might need to be loved and cared about.
    Thanks for getting the message out there. Let's try to be sure no one else gets hurt in their heart or wallet.

    Kindest regards,
    too smart for this bananhead

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