No, you’re not talking to Jason Statham

No, you're not talking to Jason Statham

It’s two years since I first warned readers not to be too easily tricked into believing that they were communicating online with Hollywood hard man Jason Statham.

And yet the high-octane action hero still seems to be ensnaring the hearts of the lonely. Or at least someone posing as Jason Statham is.

Bizarrely, I get quite a few emails from readers of this site asking me if the person they have been speaking to for months via WhatsApp/Google Hangouts/email really is Jason Statham or not.

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“Could the bankable baldie, engaged to a double-barrelled former Victoria’s Secret model with whom he has had a young son, really be interested in me?” they seem to be asking.

Statham email

To which the answer is, no. Sorry, he’s not. It’s not him you’re talking to. You’re being scammed.

And even though I can’t, hand on heart, give you 100% incontrovertible proof that it’s not Jason Statham you’re talking to… trust me, it’s not Jason Statham you’re talking to.

Look after yourself, and your heart, and stop talking to people who are pretending to be Jason Statham. Who knows what their wicked intentions might be.

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19 comments on “No, you’re not talking to Jason Statham”

  1. Anonymous

    Hello Graham,
    I have been speaking with "Jason Statham" for almost a year. He has called me from a LA area cell phone but offshore spoof calls can authenticate an LA exchange.We use hangouts to communicate but in my mind I know its not him. I keep waiting for the shoe to drop, (a request for money) which hasn't come yet however he talks about coming to visit me on the FFF Plane (lol) and how it will cost for "protection". He wanted me to write an email to the FFF family stating we were in love and he needed a vacation. (i'm not in love) (this is becoming more of a hindrance actually). He told me RWH cheated on him and she is with someone else. He also said he is in Taiwan filming and putting together the biggest contract of his life. He sent me a picture of his boarding pass when heading to Taiwan but it was a Qantas boarding pass and there were no flights departing LAX to Taiwan or even that flight number on that day. I'm going to miss speaking with him because it has become tedious but I wanted someone to know that this happens every day and there are so many lonely people that might need to be loved and cared about.
    Thanks for getting the message out there. Let's try to be sure no one else gets hurt in their heart or wallet.

    Kindest regards,
    too smart for this bananhead

    1. Steph · in reply to Anonymous

      Guess what I am one now too
      Same thing FFF he wants to come over and they want me to pay for the plane

      1. Mollie S Smith · in reply to Steph

        Omg. Same fake Jason and I talked for months on Googlechat. He said he was in Viet Nam filming for FFF but needed vacation. Wanted me to say i was his fiancee and that Jason needed to come back to the states so we could marry. Wanted me to send FFF 3800 dollars for the flight , etc. W

    2. Stephanie Iacopino · in reply to Anonymous

      I know how you feel… I am into it now & he wants me to pay for the FFF plane ticket….. he did he tell you that Rosie cheated…. I am so happy to find your’s because he is good & I have to stop talking to him
      Thanks so much

      1. Anonymous · in reply to Stephanie Iacopino

        He's still at it ladies lol he tried that same shit with me but I knew better right from the start if it's to good to be true you know it ain't

  2. Heike

    I received yesterday a message from fake Jason Statham. Thank God I'm a cautious person by nature. Why should a famous actor like to chat with me?

    He told me he was cheated by his wife, divorced and has one child named Jack. Thank God for waiting rooms and their gossip magazines. I knew about the birth of the second child on 2022/02/02, so I asked him about his new born daughter… why he "forgot" her…. and why divorce? He's not married with his long-termed partner yet. No wonder but no reply on that. LOL

    Okay, I'm a bitch, so I put this bloke under pressure. I said I want a proof he's the real Jason. Therefore I said he has to make a short video of himself and he has to say my name during filming.

    This was yesterday evening. Nothing happened until this morning. No wonder. LOL I think he reconsidered his strategy becauce of the video I wanted he sent me a picture of his alleged passport. Ladies, this was the worst forgery I've ever seen!! ROFL
    Higher pressure on him. No, I don't wanna see any passport, I want a video AND in there my name spoken by himself.
    After this it took a while and a long sermon came about his likes and hobbies, about false friends, lives in New Zealand at the moment, writing a new skript and whatsever. And the best: He sent me a screenshot from an online magazine as "proof" of his divorce. Well, what he didn't know was the fact I search the WWW yesterday and read this news by myself. It was taken by an online-website and was nothing else but gossip. LOL

    I gave him no chance to ask me about anything, especially not for money. I confronted him by the facts and called him a lousy Love Scammer, using a fake passport (the manual signature was a completely different name/forename was "Doug") and old gossips as proof. At the end I said I inform the police incl. warnings on Twitter & Co. and I block him. My last sentence I've written was "Rott in hell, Wanker!"

    He read it and … BANG ….. his profile went blank before I could block him.

    Honestly, my english was better than his. And I'm german!

    1. Steph · in reply to Heike
      1. JJ · in reply to Steph

        World Wide Web. It’s usually referred to as the internet now 😀

    2. Scott · in reply to Heike

      Shut up you are old fool

  3. Joanne Bradshaw

    He wants me to pay to the fff £5400 for the private jet to bring him over for a vacation . I realise it's a scam and he is getting no money out of me! But it's amazing how much loving he gives out and so easily can people get conned by this person.

  4. Annoymous

    He still at it ladies apparently he is on his way to taiwan also sent me the pic of the ticket told me he loves me and his girlfriend cheated on him also. Hasn't asked for anything yet waiting on it though says he goes and helps out at the Catholic orphanage also. I'm playing along with him as he will get caught out and so he should.

  5. Annoymous

    Oh! Yes happened to me. Many Red flags right off. I could write a book. I kept all information.
    I believe there is a group. They are still at it.

  6. Reece

    Yes, the fake Jason Stathem has tried the same thing with me. He just flew to Taiwon, probably two weeks ago. Sent me the pic of his airline ticket.would send me pics of himself, which I found online already. He can't call because he said there are too many restrictions over there. I played along with it all. He sent me a FFF email. No official company name to it. An apparent Ewin Scott replied. They wanted $8600 for a private jet. I said I could only afford $1500. Jason asked me to plead with them to pay the rest. They agreed. I told Jason it would be better if he flew here and he reimburses tham. He said it's not the way they work. This apparent Ewin Scott gave me a Commonwealth Bank account to a Linda Louise Street. I took the information to the bank to check if there was a such account. They confirmed that there was. The funny thing was, is that when I'd challenge this fraudster. He or she would slip up and at least four times this person would refer to themselves as being a woman. So many red flags. Oh and the conversation online started by him saying that he didn't want a relationship due to being do hurt by Rosie because she cheated on him and his young daughter wasn't his. Then, very quickly, he fell madly in love with me and wanted to marry me.I am wondering how many they've conned. I think there could be a group of them to be honest. Plus a lot of broken written English in the messages. He'd. Make out he had to go and work on set in Thaiwon. That he had to learn his lines which were more lies. I'm still messaging him at the moment. He had been up most of the night and now on set learning lines. The funny thing is that he disappears nearly the same time everyday and is virtually the same time that he started messaging me when he was supposedly in America. He said he was alone and Rosie went back to the UK to live. No one knows a out the breakup because it's a secret and he would tell the world that we are together once he's with me. He'd buy me a house and flashy car and that I'd travel everywhere with him. We'd never be apart. He's very persistent on getting that money because they can't access their accounts in Thaiwan I just wonder how many these people have scammed already. Stay safe people and be very vigilant please!!! Oh I also found online of resent footage of him and Rosie at a fashion show together and another being in another country. He said Rosie posts them because she gets all these endorsements and that she doesn't want anyone to know that they've broken up. Hmmm unbelievable!

    1. JJ · in reply to Reece

      Could you please post the Taiwan ticket photo so I can show my family member that it’s public knowledge?

    2. Sally · in reply to Reece

      There's a group of them, all trying it on!

  7. JJ

    Yup. My elderly family member is currently getting scammed. She believes it because of the sound of his voice and the Taiwan plane ticket photo. Apparently they talk for 8 hours a day

  8. Lynette

    I think all these ladies won't lie I have just had the same thing write now called himself Jason Statham and he claimed to love me and he also sad they are not married yet with Rose so for now he is pressuring me of buying a card I kept saying I will buy it thx for the msg I wish that all the girls can be cautious about I will ask for the Vidio too I know as soon as I ask if he refuse I'll know it's true thank you so much for this girls be warned I just read that article now

  9. AR

    My mother has been conned out of thousands of dollars from this as*hole and she won’t stop talking to him due to being a lonely, widow that’s desperate for attention even if it’s fake. I’ve filed reports with the FBI and FTC. I even followed him on Instagram and he’s trying to start a conversation with me. More needs to be done to find these people that do this and provide them with a long, slow, painful death. They’re pure evil.

  10. Mrs Sally A Clarke

    I wasn't and then I was…..

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