National Zombie Awareness Week

You may be wondering why I’ve turned myself into a zombie.

Well, it’s in honour of National Zombie Awareness Week in Australia, which is highlighting the problem of compromised computers (known as bots or zombies).

Zombie computers can be invisibly controlled by criminal hackers to launch distributed denial-of-service attacks, spread spam messages or to steal confidential information.

Anything which raises awareness of this problem, and encourages home users and businesses to better protect their computers with anti-virus software, security patches and firewalls is a good thing from our point of view, so Sophos is proud to be one of the supporters of this initiative.

It’s important to realise that zombie computers and botnets aren’t just a home user problem. As spammers become more aggressive, collaborating with virus writers to create armies of zombie computers,…

Read more in my article on the Naked Security website.

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