NASA spacecraft has its Twitter hacked by someone’s butt

NASA spacecraft has its Twitter hacked by someone's butt

Popular Science reports:

NASA’s Kepler spacecraft looks for Earth-like planets orbiting other stars. This morning, Kepler’s Twitter account got hacked… and showed its 569,000 followers a moon.

The hacker(s?) pinned a tweet displaying a red underwear-clad butt, which has since been deleted, but not before showing up on the NASA homepage.

Sadly, it’s not unusual to encounter Twitter accounts hijacked by porn spammers in this way. Your best defence? Choose a strong, hard-to-crack, unique password for your Twitter account and enable two-step verification to make it harder for hackers to break in.

It is also good practice to periodically check what applications and third-party sites you have connected to your Twitter account, and revoke access to anything you don’t need any longer.

Uranus, anybody? I’ll get my coat…

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One comment on “NASA spacecraft has its Twitter hacked by someone’s butt”

  1. Michael Ponzani

    That's hilarious. It does show what can be done if someone were malicious. Is there a hack to permanently get rid of the woodchucks eating my garden and the outside rats infesting everything/? I'm about ready to buy genuine Fenn traps. Which supplier sells the real McCoy? Would they ship them across the pond? These blow away anything we have here, but, I don't want the Chinese knockoffs.

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