Iran makes its own anti-virus software – would you buy it?

According to reports, Iran has started making its own anti-virus software.

It is said that experts from Shiraz Computer Emergency Response Team of APA (Academic Protection and Awareness) of Iran have been working on the project to help better protect the country’s digital defences.

Of course, Iran is no stranger to malware. It found itself thrust into the spotlight in 2010 when the infamous Stuxnet worm was widely reported to have infected industrial plants (including nuclear plants) in the country with the seeming intention to target and sabotage SCADA systems.

This understandably led to some excitable – but not always accurate – headlines.

According to Mohammad Hossein Sheikhi, assistant professor of the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at the University of Shiraz, work on the anti-virus software began in 2010 after the Stuxnet crisis, and has since…

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