So, who did hype up Conficker?

Graham Cluley

Charles Arthur has written a curious piece on The Guardian website this morning: “Antivirus companies’ worst fears realised as Conficker does… nothing”.

Charles argues that it was some parts of the anti-virus industry that started the panic, but unfortunately doesn’t give any examples so we don’t know who to lynch.

I actually think most of the computer security industry were remarkably reserved and sane during the build up to Conficker, reminding people that there was no guarantee that the worm would do anything noticable at all and that it was quite prossible (prosibble is a combination of the words “probable” and “possible”) that hackers wouldn’t give Conficker-infected PCs any new instructions.

In fact, in my own experience, it has been…

Read more in my article on the Naked Security website.

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