4 comments on “Huge MacOS bug lets anyone login as root without a password: what you need to know”

  1. Bob

    And it’s only being worked on as a high priority because it was leaked to the press. Other privately disclosed flaws frequently take months.

    ‘Responsible disclosure’ (a.k.a. private disclosure) would’ve seen Apple take considerably longer.

    This latest embarrassing debacle will hopefully provide the kick up the backside for better quality control. With responsible disclosure it’d have been hushed up, fixed in a couple of months and not made worldwide press. The public humiliation of yet another serious vulnerability will get the attention of their executives.

    Kudos to the security researcher.

  2. Bob

    Here you are people, it was publicly disclosed on November 13 (TWO WEEKS AGO) but Apple did nothing.


  3. Micky

    Just waiting for that glorious day when we hear Apple is no more.

    Yeah I said it.

  4. Martin

    I think that Apple should re-instate the dedicated MAC OS team rather than the currrent set-up that is treating the MAC as a sideline to the god of iphone.

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