Please tell me how to hack a Facebook account. Thank you

Graham Cluley
Graham Cluley
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I’m getting a bit fed up of messages like this one, that I received just a few minutes ago.

How can I hack a Facebook account?

Subject: I need your help

Message body: Sir, can you tell me that how can i hack a facebook account. I already see it on ur website but i can’t understand. So sir please kindly tell me in details.. sir please please please… I’m facing a problme so I want to hack a facebook account.. sir please help me..

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Every day I receive messsages, just like it. Here are some recent examples:

How can I hack Facebook

I have these people’s email addresses, their IP details. Naturally, I’ve obscured them in the graphic above, but maybe I should forward them onto Facebook’s security team to see if they can “help”?

The night before last I even got a phone call from a guy in Saudi Arabia, asking me how to hack a Facebook account.

Facebook loginI explained that accessing someone else’s account without their permission is against the law. “Yes, I know that,” he said. “But it’s important.”

“Maybe you should talk to Facebook Security rather than me, then?” I replied.

And there the conversation finished, and I went back to watching Michael Douglas in the Liberace bio-pic…

Sometimes, though, even a cold-hearted security researcher like me can’t help but feel a little compassion for the person asking how to hack a Facebook account.

Take Sandra, for instance (name changed to protect the innocent).

Sandra wants to access her boyfriend’s Facebook account.

At least, she *says* he’s her boyfriend. But seeing as he’s blocked her from viewing his profile, and marked his conversations as private, maybe he’s trying to tell her that the feeling isn’t mutual.

I want to hack a Facebook account

Sandra. Move on. Sorry to break the bad news, but it seems to me that your relationship with this guy has gone beyond “It’s complicated” to “It’s over”.

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Graham Cluley is an award-winning keynote speaker who has given presentations around the world about cybersecurity, hackers, and online privacy. A veteran of the computer security industry since the early 1990s, he wrote the first ever version of Dr Solomon's Anti-Virus Toolkit for Windows, makes regular media appearances, and is the co-host of the popular "Smashing Security" podcast. Follow him on Twitter, Mastodon, Threads, Bluesky, or drop him an email.

16 comments on “Please tell me how to hack a Facebook account. Thank you”

  1. Alan Solomon

    You shouldn't tease these guys. Just tell them, to hack a person't facebook account, you type in their username, and then their password. Simple.

    What boggles my mind about those messages, is the lack of spelling and grammar, in one case (Kumar) it's so bad, I'm not sure what he's saying. Maybe he's asking how to change his password because he's worried about being hacked?

    Reminds me of alt.comp.virus

    1. Petrichor · in reply to Alan Solomon

      Kumar's message is in Hindi, written in the
      English alphabet. He says that someone hacked his facebook account
      and changed his password; now Kumar himself wants to learn how to
      hack accounts.

  2. Scott

    Unfortunately, this is something that comes with the territory. The popularity of Facebook, combined with the treasure trove of information it contains is a guaranteed recipe for people wanting to gain access to other people's accounts.

    After all, the reason the people are directed here is because they are searching for Facebook crackers, which have been written about here. The (fake) Facebook crackers were created in the first place to exploit others' desire to "hack" into people's Facebook accounts! It's a vicious cycle.

    Edited to add:
    Articles like this ( are also probably a reason people are flocking to the site.

  3. LOL!!!!! My ribs hurt!!!

  4. Nick

    I get these stupid ass emails all the time. The best course of action is to ignore them. The internet is full of idiots like those who have contacted you with bad spelling and grammar and think that hacking is some kind of black magic and they expect a white-hat researcher to provide them with this information that they can very easily learn online themselves. But they're just selfish, lazy, ignorant, and uneducated amateur foreigners who love to beg.

    1. Alalou Moh · in reply to Nick

      if you don't help don't insult them like
      you (The best course of action is to ignore them)

  5. Simon

    So, can you tell me how to hack a Facebook account or not?

  6. sreadystare

    The third person looks like a hindi speaker.(In the second image).

  7. Spryte

    I occasionally spend time on Yahoo! Answers and try to help those I think are genuine…
    I am sure you would ***Not *** be suprised at the number of similar questions that are posted there every time I log in (from Facebook accounts to email to outright snooping) .
    I however am surprised that some would contact you directly for information on how to do this !!

  8. KRA

    I'll share my story. A few months ago, a complete stranger hacked into my Facebook account. Changed my password, email and added a bunch of his own friends and altered my Trusted Contact list. I couldn't get back into my Facebook under normal procedures, so I try sending reports to Facebook. No response. I report the account for impersonation so it would at least be closed down. Report gets rejected. I get all my friends to report the profile. Still nothing. The hacker even has a full on conversation with my friend on my timeline, in which he ADMITS to having hacked my account, is super proud of it, and is basically boasting about how he "gets any account he wants, easily." He said he chose my profile because he loved ‘my type of girls’, based on my profile picture. Not that it would validate the hack otherwise, but my profile picture isn’t even ‘asking’ for it. It’s just me standing in a park with a flipping hugeass coat on.

    And here I am, sitting here, watching as my account gets taken over by some complete sicko, being in control of all my photos and having access to my messages.

    Is getting someone to teach me how to hack back into my account the right thing to do? Probably not. Have I thought about it though? Definitely.

    It's easy to tease these people, but really, some of us are desperate. And the fact that Facebook can be so unresponsive even when such blatant evidence is right in front of them is so frustrating.

  9. cherrykamel

    Hi, please please help me, my heart is so torn apart and
    broken, I think my boyfriend is cheating on me and I need to check
    his messages on facebook just to be sure is he really cheating on
    me or not,,,, I am devastated, I want to be with him but not being
    a fool,,,,,if you don't want to tell me hoe at least, you
    do the hacking and just copy and paste to me the messages with the
    women in his private messages, they are in different language than
    english , if you can translate them ok if not just paste me the
    conversation…please please help me, i cry every day cause I
    suspect it but don't have any evidence to face

  10. adamul

    if you dont wanna help them , dont hurt them with your
    disgusting comments !

    1. johnny L · in reply to adamul

      His comments weren't even that bad. The thing
      that's disgusting is these people are so self-important
      that they would expect this professional guy to break the law and
      take the time to walk someone through all the details of hacking a
      fb account! "Hmmm..well, he did spend maybe a few seconds
      to message me that horribly written 5 word request…maybe I should
      put my career and freedom on the line to help him get into his
      stalkee's facebook…" I do feel for the one lady
      whose account was taken over though, that's a tough

  11. Anonymous

    get a course of CEH(certified ethical hacker) . There are
    so many institutions provided CEH , Diploma in Ethical hacking ,
    Masters in Ethical Hacking .

  12. J

    You’re trying to seem ethical by saying "accessing others' accounts without their permission is against the law"?! Then how come you're actually taking people through step by step process of how to hack a facebook account in your own blog here pffftttt

    1. Graham CluleyGraham Cluley · in reply to J

      If you read the article about "how to hack a Facebook account with a single SMS" you'll see that the vulnerability was disclosed to Facebook's security team and *fixed* before anyone was able to exploit it maliciously.

      So, I don't think there's anything unethical there. :)

      If I had told people how to do it *before* the security hole had been fixed, then yes, it would be questionable.

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