Google Street View invades TV Time Lord’s privacy [VIDEO]

Graham Cluley
Graham Cluley
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Smaller on the outsideWhen legendary science fiction show “Doctor Who” was first broadcast on British TV in November 1963, police boxes were a not uncommon sight on the country’s streets.

And so I guessed it seemed quite natural for the TARDIS, the Doctor’s time travel transcendental dimensional spacecraft, to adopt it as a disguise to blend into the background (and, of course, to save on budget for the BBC).

Today, however, one of the very few places you might spot a police box is outside Earl’s Court Station in London.

So, what happens if you visit that police box using Google Street View?

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Watch this video to find out:

Doctor Who's TARDIS invaded by Google Street View | Graham Cluley

I doubt Google would have the nerve to do this if it was Peter Capaldi in charge of the TARDIS’s helmic regulator. In fact, it’s hard to imagine any sort of state of temporal grace with him manning the ship at all.

Follow this link and click on the double-chevron to see the evidence of Google’s interdimensional privacy invasion for yourself.

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One comment on “Google Street View invades TV Time Lord’s privacy [VIDEO]”

  1. Spryte

    Sincerely hoping The Doctor unleashes his wrath upon google with his new Sonic Sunglassses

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