Watch this – the funniest spam video you’ll ever see [VIDEO]

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Can of spamWe all want our friends and family to learn more about how better to secure their computers.

But the eternal challenge is how can we make the advice interesting and engaging for a non-techie audience, and not make the mistake of endlessly droning on using buzzwords they are unlikely to understand.

The video below about spam – made by the folks at “Glove and Boots” – manages to make what could be a tremendously dry topic, funny and informative instead.

Best of all.. it features puppets called Mario and Fafa.

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The video is very funny, but it does make one mistake which is sure to upset the folks at Hormel Foods.

Spam wasn’t named after the canned precooked meat product, but instead a Monty Python sketch where characters keep singing “Spam spam spam spam spam”.

Hormel foods aren’t quite keen that their product, called SPAM® with capital letters, isn’t mixed up with the internet nuisance of unsolicited commercial email. So I doubt they would be that happy to see cans of SPAM® feature so prominently in the video.

Video still

The rest of us, of course, are just giggling. (My favourite part happens at about 02:30 when a Nigerian prince offers his fortune..)

I guess we should all be grateful that Hormel didn’t name their product “flappertanknibbles“, which was – at one point – a possibility.

If you have an idea for a security video that you would like to see us make, please leave a comment below.

No promises, but we always love to hear your ideas and suggestions about how we can spread the word of computer security in a fun, informative and engaging way.

Hat-tip: ITWorld

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