Facebook users clickjacked by the 101 Hottest Women in the World

Facebook users are being hit by yet another clickjacking worm attack that is exploiting the third-party “Like” button facility (dubbed “likejacking” by Sophos).

Many Facebook users’ profiles have been updated by the clickjacking attack to say that the user likes a webpage called

:|:| 101 Hottest Women in the World :D :|:|

If you are curious as to what your online friend “likes” and click on the link you are taken to a webpage containing an image of Hollywood actress Jessica Alba.

Sophos detects the page as Troj/Iframe-ET.

Clicking anywhere on the page will – if you are logged into Facebook – update your Facebook page without your permission to say that you also “Like” the page. You are probably oblivious to this, of course, as by now your web browser has been redirect to pictures of attractive female celebrities on the website of men’s magazine…

Read more in my article on the Naked Security website.

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