Facebook takes on spammer, and wins $873 million

Graham Cluley

If you poke Adam Guerbuez on Facebook right now, chances are that he won’t respond. That’s because the Montreal-based spammer has just been landed with a stonking US $873 million judgement by a district court in San Jose, after sending more than 4 million spam messages to users of the Facebook system. Guerbuez sent messages promoting marijuana and sexual enhancement drugs.

According to Facebook, Guerbuez stole the username and password details of Facebook members, and then used infected computers under his control to automatically log into the profiles and spew out spam.

It’s a long shot, of course, that Facebook will ever get to see the enormous amount of money awarded to it – but what’s more important is will it deter other spammers from attempting to abuse the system in future?

Social networking spam has been on the rise this year as cybercriminals have realised that social…

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