Don’t be an internet troll. You could be sent to jail!

Most people who have used the internet for any length of time is able to recognise an internet troll.

They’re the people who delight in posting something inflammatory or outrageous with the intention of provoking a reaction. They often don’t care if what they post is offensive or simply stupid, all they desire is to disrupt genuine conversations or upset innocent people.

It’s pretty immature behaviour – but sadly, it’s all too common.

An update to the US State of Arizona’s telecommunications harrasment bill, however, could send a strong message to internet trolls that their behaviour is not going to be tolerated.

“It is unlawful for any person, with intent to terrify, intimidate, threaten, harass, annoy or offend, to use any electronic or digital device and use any obscene, lewd or profane language or suggest any lewd or lascivious act, or threaten to inflict physical harm to the person or property of any person.”

By replacing references…

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