Donald Trump accidentally reveals “secret” plan by waving document around

"Secret" plan accidentally revealed by Donald Trump by waving document around

The President of the United States took to the sunshine-filled garden of the White House to wave around what he claimed was a secret agreement on migration with Mexico.

Of course, if he really wanted to keep it secret in bright sunlight, he might have been wiser to have kept the agreement in his jacket pocket – or at least an envelope – with the world’s press pointing cameras at him.

As BBC News reports:

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US President Donald Trump has inadvertently revealed some details of his immigration deal with Mexico.

He refused to discuss the plans with reporters, saying they were “secret”.

But he said this while waving around a sheet of paper that had the specifics of the deal written on it – which was then photographed by news media.

It didn’t take sleuths on Twitter to determine the sheet of paper’s contents.

Secret letter

Sigh… If something is supposed to be kept private, you really shouldn’t wave it around in public, Donald.

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One comment on “Donald Trump accidentally reveals “secret” plan by waving document around”

  1. coyote

    And this folks is why you should not trust the government – any government, mind – with your secrets. This is hardly the first time government secrets have been leaked. Yet people still trust the government to keep their secrets safe. Despite the fact the governments can't keep their own secrets safe? And I swear I saw on a US government website a few years back the old asinine statement 'you have nothing to fear if you have nothing to hide'. Authoritative type thinking at the least. And everyone has things to hide. Anyone who disagrees should fork over their passwords, their ID, their keys (and combinations to any locks), their banking credentials, their government number(s) (whatever you wish to call it), their fingerprint as well as their deepest darkest secrets that they would be embarrassed or horrified if anyone found out. Or… Is it just that others shouldn't be keeping secrets? The irony: by telling others that they can't have their own secrets (as if everyone should know the details of everyone's personal life!) they themselves are showing how untrustworthy they are. And hypocrisy.

    Everyone should have secrets and there is nothing wrong with that. Only spies and people who cannot think for themselves (and therefore listen to governments – who can't keep their own secrets even about secrets) would think otherwise. Which is perhaps why so many believe that lie…

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