UK PM David Cameron accidentally tweets fake Iain Duncan Smith account

British Prime Minister has made another Twitter-related gaffe, accidentally tweeting an account set up to parody his fellow Conservative politican Iain Duncan Smith.

David Cameron tweets

“We’re rolling out a cap on Benefits today – @IDS_MP and I are determined to make work pay, and help the UK compete on the #GlobalRace.”

The problem is that @IDS_MP doesn’t belong to Iain Duncan Smith, the Secretary of State for Work and Pensions and former Conservative party leader. Instead, it’s a parody account.

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You might have hoped that David Cameron would know that one of his close cabinet colleagues didn’t actually have a Twitter account. And, if he didn’t, a quick look at past tweets posted by @IDS_MP might reveal that it was more likely to be “Iain Dunkin’ Donuts” than “Iain Duncan Smith”.

Parody tweets

A few years ago, before Cameron created a Twitter account, the media picked on him for an off-the-cuff comment he made in a radio interview, captured here on video:

David Cameron: "too many tweets might make a twat"

“Too many tweets might make a tw*t”

No doubt Cameron (or whoever was tweeting on his behalf) will be mulling over those words today.

All of us should be careful about what we post publicly on the internet. There’s no real harm done by the message from David Cameron’s account today, but carelessness can lead to malicious links being shared or information being disclosed that should have probably remained private.

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