Commodore 64 viruses – time for a comeback?

I can’t be the only nostalgic nerd to feel a flutter of excitement at the news that a home computer from yesteryear is making a comeback.

The Commodore 64, the classic retro home computer which was initially released in 1982, is reportedly making something of a return as the company is squeezing a Windows PC inside the original shell.

The new computer will ship with Ubuntu, but an emulator capable of playing classic games from the 1980s is also promised.

How neat is that!?

So, to all intents and purposes – it looks just like an old Commodore 64 computer…

..well, until you have a look around the back at least. The USB slots and HD TV connections are a bit of a giveaway in my opinion..

And memories of the Commodore 64 got me thinking. What about computer viruses?

Although viruses were largely a PC and Mac issue in the latter half of the 1980s, there was also malware written for other types of computers. And…

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