Bishop claims the Bible can help with password security

Bishop of RochesterA British Bishop claims that the Bible can provide invaluable support.. for those who want to use a better password online.

The Bishop of Rochester in Kent, is urging his congregation this Easter to use Bible quotations to help them remember their website passwords.

According to The Right Reverend James Langstaff, “The Bible offers a life-long source of new passwords, that can include both upper and lower case letters and numbers to help create memorable, secure passwords.”

The Bishop has suggested that users choose their favourite passage from the Bible, take the first letter from each word in the quote, and then append the chapter and verse.

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For instance,

“Father, into your hands I commit my spirit.” Luke Chapter 23 Verse 46.

creates a password of


This sounds very much like the technique for how to create a more secure password I demonstrate in this YouTube video:

However, there’s an important difference. In my video I took a made-up phrase (“Fred and Wilma sat down for a dinner of eggs and ham”) rather than one that is contained in one of the world’s most famous and popular books.

If someone knew that you were an active Christian, they might twig that you’ll have chosen one of the more famous Bible quotes as the basis of your password.

You can also imagine that if the Bishop’s password advice became popular, hackers would simply create a database of Bible quotes which they would use to break into your account.

Furthermore, you should really be using different passwords on different sites – otherwise if a hacker steals your password from one place, they could use that same password to break into your other accounts.

So, my best advice would actually to be to use a decent password management program which would both generate random hard-to-crack passwords, and also store them securely.

Hat-tip: Kent News via TechEye.

Image of Bishop of Rochester, courtesy of YourMedway

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