Beware fake Facebook ‘Be Like Bill’ apps that could serve up malware or steal your personal info

David bisson
David Bisson

Be like bill facebook fake
Concerns have been raised that scammers could trick Facebook users into installing fake and malicious apps that claim they generate the popular “Be Like Bill” memes.

In case it doesn’t ring any bells, the “Be Like Bill” meme is a stickman who offers advice on topics ranging from social media etiquette to relationship troubles.

Those fond of Bill can create their own meme on the Blobla website without entering in any of their information or downloading any applications – at least, not anymore. They can then sit back and watch their memes spread across social media like wild fire.

Be Like Bill

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Unfortunately, whenever anything becomes popular on social media, before long scammers turn it into a lure by which they can target unsuspecting users.

Such is the case with “Be Like Bill”.

In a blog post, Online Threat Alerts explains how these “new” scams operate like traditional Facebook-based ploys we’ve seen plenty of times before, attempting to trick users into entering their login credentials via a fake sign-in page or gaining rights to post to a user’s Facebook page to spread themselves further:

“Once Facebook users attempt to sign-in, their Facebook accounts’ credentials will be sent to the cyber-criminals responsible for the fake and malicious applications and websites. Once the cyber-criminals have received the stolen credentials, they will use it to hijack their potential victims’ Facebook accounts.”

In other instances, scammers lead Facebook users to websites where they are prompted to download fake applications laced with malware.

If you or someone you know has installed a fake or malicious “Be Like Bill” meme, it is recommended that you remove the app immediately in case someone tries to hijack your account.

To remove an app or game that you have added to your Facebook account:

  1. Click in the top right hand corner of Facebook and select Settings
  2. Click Apps in the left menu
  3. Hover over the app or game you’d like to remove and click x

Once you’ve removed the app or game, it should no longer post to your Timeline. If you still see a past story, you can remove it manually.

As an added security measure, you should also change your password and do a quick scan of your computer with a reputable up-to-date anti-virus solution just to make sure the app didn’t leave any other baddies on your machine.

Perhaps it’s too late. Maybe someone has already hijacked your account. In that case, contact the Facebook Help Center, and they can help you restore access.

In the meantime, heed this message:

“This is Bill. Bill is on Facebook. Bill sees a ‘Be Like Bill’ meme. Bill doesn’t feel the need to click on the meme because he knows that it could be a fake and try to steal his information. Bill is smart. Be like Bill.”

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David Bisson is an infosec news junkie and security journalist. He works as Contributing Editor for Graham Cluley Security News and Associate Editor for Tripwire's "The State of Security" blog.

3 comments on “Beware fake Facebook ‘Be Like Bill’ apps that could serve up malware or steal your personal info”

  1. Kyle Harbinger

    No…JUST NO. Do NOT go to blobla . com. How can you possibly tell your readers that it's safe to do that?? Just because you don't have to install an app to use it doesn't make it safe. You still have to click a link to share it to Facebook. Simply doing that allows blobla access to your Facebook account and possibly your info. Go read their terms. It's the same type of scam as all the other quiz and survey sites.
    You are way off base telling people that as long as you don't install anything, you're okay.
    That's just bullshit and completely irresponsible.

    1. coyote · in reply to Kyle Harbinger

      I'm in a rush so perhaps I am missing something but I don't think he's suggesting people to do it so much as this is what they are taking advantage of (as in if you want to do X do Y). The reality is people do things whether they are wise or not – sometimes knowingly. But how do you fix a problem if you don't know it's a problem? You don't because you don't recognise it as a problem so what is there to fix?

      He's actually saying how to remove it and take further measures for the future (as well as how to recover an account if it's already been hijacked). How can that be irresponsible and how is that bullshit?

      1. Kyle H · in reply to coyote

        I'm talking about the original blog post he linked to. By linking to it, he's endorsing the post. The original post says blobla is is okay to use. It's not. And neither are any quiz or survey sites like it.

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