Ashley Greene dirty pics lead to Mac and Windows malware danger

Graham Cluley

Nude photos of “Twilight” film star Ashley Greene have been leaked onto the net, propelling her name high in the chart of most commonly searched for phrases at the moment. However, if you’re foolish enough to go hunting for the topless and full frontal pics of the 22-year-old actress you could be exposing your computer to an attack by hackers.

Naked photos of Ashley Greene, who plays the character of Alice Cullen in the hit teenage romance/vampire movie, were first posted on before being removed at the request of her legal team.

Of course, other internet users grabbed their own copies of the sleazy pictures before the attorneys sent a strongly worded note to the celeb gossip website. As Hilton noted: “Unfortunately, it’s difficult to have your nudes removed from the internet once they’ve been published. A simple Google search will prove that!”

Well, my…

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