Police arrest four suspected Anonymous hacktivists

Graham Cluley
Graham Cluley
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Police say that they have arrested four people, in connection with a series of Anonymous internet attacks against Spanish websites.

The four, who were arrested in Madrid and Malaga, are said to be affiliated with the loosely-knit Anonymous hacktivist group, and are suspected of involvement in a series of attacks against the websites of Spanish political parties, companies and the Spanish police force.

Websites were not just hit by denial-of-service attacks, but in some cases were also defaced and had information stolen from them.

Political websites like that of the ‘Union Progress and Democracy’ party (UpyD), for instance, were infiltrated and replaced with images of people bearing vampire-like fangs.

One of those arrested by police, who they claim went by the internet handles of ‘Thunder’ or ‘Pacotron’, is alleged to have been responsible for managing the IT infrastructure used by Anonymous in Spain and Latin America.

The group is said to have communicated via internet…

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