75% believe worm author “did iPhone users a favour”, poll reveals

Graham Cluley

I find this shocking.

A poll we ran earlier today suggests that three quarters of you think it’s okay to spread a virus if it raises awareness of security issues.

We asked what you felt about the behaviour of the author of the first iPhone worm, which has spread in Australia changing wallpapers to an image of 1980s pop star Rick Astley.

Here’s what you answered:

(By the way, I know it says 76% above. According to my maths it actually works out as 75.8%, so we’ll be generous and say 75%)

Has the world gone completely bonkers? It’s a depressing notion that most people think that doing harm and breaking computer crime laws is a good thing. The 21-year-old Australian student who wrote the iPhone worm has acted utterly irresponsibly – even if he now regretted (which he doesn’t) releasing a worm into the wild, there is nothing he…

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