Awww.. shucks!

Anna BradingAnna Brading, Malwarebytes

“If you need a keynote speaker, consider Graham. He’s an excellent speaker and will have everyone laughing along with his real life cybersecurity anecdotes.”

Sakshi DhimanSakshi Dhiman, SecPod

“We were looking for a highly knowledgeable cyber security expert and a market leader for our webinar series. With Graham, we got 100 percent more! He is not only an expert, but also very collaborative partner.”

“Graham came up with tremendous useful insights for the viewers and made it super engaging with his humour. We sure gained many compliments and one great experience.”

“I highly recommend Graham if any expert contribution related to cyber security is needed!”

Sarah HimmelSarah Himmel, Abnormal Security

“Graham is the best! Professional and knowledgeable — but best of all, a pleasure to work with and always willing to collaborate. If you’re looking for an industry thought leader to positively impact your event, Graham is your guy!”

Nigel TownleyNigel Townley, Chief Technology Officer, UK Research and Innovation

“I reached out to Graham to host an after-dinner talk on cybersecurity as part of our event.”

“Graham was masterful at engaging with the group in a mock game show format called evil or genius. His impressive industry credentials and experience also meant the group paid attention to the topic, which was not only hugely entertaining but also got across the key messages I wanted the group to take on board.”

“Over a month later members of my team are still talking about Graham and his talk… My main challenge now is how to top this for next year’s event. Graham, you will be a tough act to follow.”

Kevin RooneyKevin Rooney, Head of Marketing, MJ Flood Technology

“Graham’s presentation went down a treat with our audience. We didn’t want someone to put up a 100-slide PowerPoint and go through the intricacies of cybersecurity, we wanted someone who would just be honest and give us the juicy stuff like who got hacked, how it happened, and why our audience should be making sure they are cyber secure.”

“Graham gave a humourous, yet frighteningly accurate account of what hackers can do. I would highly recommend Graham for any event that needs a humourous and knowledgeable cybersecurity expert.”

Andra zahariaAndra Zaharia, Cybersecurity author

“Graham never fails to make infosec a better, more relaxed, and more fun place!”

Annabel berryAnnabel Berry, CEO, Sapphire:

“Graham chaired our annual conference, the National Information Security Conference (NISC), last year and I was delighted to have the opportunity to meet and work alongside him. Not only is Graham’s industry knowledge second to none, he was one of the most relaxed and professional chairman I have had the pleasure of working with.”

“With an acute attention to detail, the ability to interact with a wide and diverse audience and a fantastic sense of humour, Graham is a chairman I would wholly recommend and will continue to work with in the future whenever possible.”

Richard OrangeRichard Orange, Abnormal Security

“We partnered with Graham to deliver a number of customer forums. He brought a cheerful nature to the discussion whilst anchoring the conversation around real issues with real examples. He has a non-biased approach which is helpful to set the scene for the session and engages well with the audience. We will be doing more!”

Rob ForsterRob Forster, Logmein:

“Graham was the guest speaker at the inaugural LastPass event for our customer and public community. Graham’s proactivity and influence on social media meant that he was critical to the success of the event by driving interest via his network.

I personally struggle to get excited by PowerPoint presentations, but Graham has restored my faith they can be a very very effective tool for communication. His seamless presentation was perfectly positioned for the audience and event, he built in humour to energise the crowd yet was able to make some credible and thought provoking points.

The crowd were eager to ask him a whole variety of questions which he dealt with a professional but comedic manner and created a real buzz in the room.

Graham was a pleasure to work with and I do hope we get the opportunity to work together again soon!!”

Connie gouglerConnie Gougler, Iovation:

“We’ve been fans of Graham’s blog and podcast for quite some time so we were thrilled to have Graham to keynote our iovation Fraud Force Summit event in New York. Graham kicked off our Summit with a highly engaging hour long presentation on the current threat environment that was both educational and full of his trademark wit and humor. Graham was also kind enough to spend time networking with our authentication and fraud prevention customers throughout the day and his session received the highest scores on our post-event survey. You would be hard pressed to find a more informed and entertaining speaker to feature at your event. Thanks again Graham!”

Jade HillJade Hill, Abnormal Security

“We’ve worked with Graham multiple times at Abnormal Security, namely as a webinar speaker and host. Our audience loves to hear from him, both for his expert cybersecurity insights, and for his witty humor and fun demeanor. Graham’s webinars are consistently among our most high-performing, and we enjoy working with him as he’s always reliable, consistent, and friendly. We will continue to book Graham for webinars and events and highly recommend his work to others!”

Darren armstrongDarren Armstrong, Netlaw Media:

“Graham was the Keynote Speaker and Event Chairperson of the first annual “European Legal Security Forum”, produced by Netlaw Media. Graham was always my first choice of Chairperson for the event and his knowledge, humour and charm did not let me down. Graham is without doubt on the most knowledgeable experts in the world of IT Security and he comes with my full recommendation.”

Paula banglePaula Bangle, ERA:

“Thanks for such a brilliant, funny and thought-provoking presentation.”

Raphaël de Visser, Belgacom:

“Graham was one of our keynote speakers at the Belgian Cyber Security Symposium. Great experience having him here, both for his expertise and great sense of humor. I hope we can call on him for future events!”

Andy Wool, Foursys:

“The ever knowledgeable, articulate and entertaining Graham Cluley headlined as our special guest speaker for a series of six events held across the UK.”

“Graham delivered a presentation at each that had our audiences of over 200 IT security professionals captivated throughout and added real value to our events.”

Dominic Eaves, Experian:

“Graham was a keynote speaker at the Experian Identity & Fraud Forum. His session was slick, well informed, superbly delivered and among the best I’ve ever seen – all of which helped underpin the credibility of our event and was reflected by the wholehearted feedback from our delegates.”

“Graham’s knowledge, insight and ability to present potentially dry and weighty subject matter in a manner that’s accessible to all is superb.”

“Ignore him at your peril. He is, quite rightly, hugely in demand and simply cannot be recommended highly enough.”

Stilgherrian, Security journalist:

“I like how Graham Cluley is always so cheerful when the whole world is going to hell in a handbasket.”

Doug Woodburn, Deputy Editor, CRN:

“An IT security version of Ben Goldacre”

Josh Long, Security & Network Specialist:

“Graham is very knowledgeable. He has an incredible knack for making complicated security issues understandable and even entertaining to the general public.”

Flora Haslam, Joint Managing Director, Johnson King:

“Graham is the most knowledgeable person I’ve met when it comes to information security. What’s more, he’s equally compelling whether speaking to a room full of technical analysts or on the TV explaining things in a way my granny would understand.”

John Leyden, Security Correspondent, The Register:

“Graham is the go-to guy for infosecurity comment from both specialist reporters and mainstream news and TV outlets.”

Alex Eckelberry, Technology CEO and investor

“Graham is a brilliant writer, security researcher, speaker and all-around cool guy. His knowledge of security is deep, but his style is highly accessible.”

Claire Ayles, Co-Founder, Eleven Hundred Agency:

“Graham’s knowledge of the IT security industry is quite frankly immense and his eloquent way of explaining it, unrivaled.”