Wikipedia and World of Warcraft Classic targeted by DDoS attacks

Uou can imagine the pain that was caused to pub quiz cheats and students writing essays this weekend when crowd-sourced internet encyclopedia Wikipedia, one of the world’s most popular websites, was hit by a distributed denial-of-service attack.

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Wikipedia’s Jimmy Wales didn’t die this weekend, despite what his hacked Twitter account said

No, Jimmy Wales, founder of Wikipedia, isn’t dead.

But his Twitter *did* get hacked.

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Wikipedia embraces HTTPS

Encryption is a good thing. Well done to Wikipedia, one of the web’s most popular sites, for sending such a clear message.

Seeing ads on Wikipedia? You may have malware

Wikipedia warns its millions of users about how cybercriminals can inject adverts into webpages.

Successful internet blackout, Zuck tweets, but has Don McLean been ripped off?

As you can’t have failed to have noticed, on Wednesday some of the world’s most famous websites chose a variety of ways to protest against proposed anti-piracy legislation in the United States.

How to get around the Wikipedia blackout

There’s an easy way to get around Wikipedia’s blackout, using a tool which can also boost your online security.

Find out how now.

Breaking news: Christian Slater is NOT dead

Christian Slater has not died in a snowboarding accident, despite what you might have read on the internet. Check out our (incomplete) list of other people who haven’t died.

Sneaky survey adverts prey on ham-fisted Wikipedia users

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