Join me for a webinar about making cybersecurity relevant in modern day culture

Next week, on Thursday 12th September 2019 at 3pm UK (that’s 10am EST), I’ll be participating in a webinar hosted by The Register alongside MetaCompliance’s Robert O’Brien – and I’d love it if you joined in!

Watch this webinar to learn about email security threats

Email security matters. Check out this free webinar where I discuss the threats.

Did my computer security predictions for 2015 come true? Find out now…

Six months ago I made some predictions about threats we would be facing in 2015.

Now, you can hear me squirm awkwardly in a webinar, as I attempt to convince you that I was right.

Read more in my article on the Intralinks blog.

Predicting future security threats is a risky business

I recently gave a webinar discussing what security threats and privacy dangers might rear their head in the coming months.

Find out more, and download the accompanying white paper, after reading my article on the Intralinks blog.