voice recognition

HMRC to finally erase five million voice records it collected without permission

The biometric voice data had been collected without explicit consent from people calling the HMRC’s telephone hotline for advice.

Thousands of taxpayers tell HMRC to delete voiceprint data it stored without consent

The UK tax authority continues to store a huge database of millions of voice IDs which were collected without permission.

You can change a bank password any time you like. You can’t change your voice

Barclays wants to abolish passwords for phone banking with voice recognition. But is that really the answer?

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Robert Redford showed us in 1992 why you shouldn’t trust Android’s voice password

Robert Redford would tell you that something like “Trusted Voice” on Android smartphones just shouldn’t be trusted…

Watch the video and all will be explained.

Should your voice be enough to unlock your Android phone? Google seems to think so

“Ok Google, I’m too lazy to have a password…”

Is your voice a good enough lock for your phone?

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