Survey Scam

The free Nintendo Switch emulator you stumbled upon? Sorry, it’s a fake!

If you want to play a game available for Nintendo Switch, you should just buy a Nintendo Switch. You shouldn’t go online looking for free workarounds or substitutes.

David Bisson reports.

How not to hack your friend’s Twitter account

You think you’re hacking an account, but in fact it’s you who are being scammed.

David Bisson reports.

Fake BBC and CNN reports claim £1 iPhone. Beware of Yotuube!

Have you found yourself on a webpage that breathlessly tells you that an iPhone 6 can be yours for just £1.

Maybe you made the same mistake as I made, and mistyped a URL…

Beware Apple ID phishing and free iPhone 6 scams

Be on your guard, and for goodness sake – turn on two-factor authentication for your iCloud accounts.

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Robin Williams’ last phone call? Sick Facebook video scam exploits celebrity suicide

Sick-hearted scammers have proven themselves to have no morals once again, exploiting the death of Robin Williams with their latest Facebook scam.

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F1 star Michael Schumacher dead? It’s the latest sick Facebook scam

Scammers and fraudsters think nothing of scraping the barrel of taste, if they believe it will help them earn a few dollars.

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Beware! Sad video of woman dying during a fight is really a Facebook scam

Scammers are once again attempting to make an easy buck by tricking Facebook users into sharing gruesome videos that link to money-making surveys.

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Shocking death of mother who fell in bear cage? The truth is it’s another Facebook video scam

Don’t be fooled by a scam spreading rapidly across Facebook, this time offering to show a shocking video of a woman being mauled to death by a polar bear.

Rolling Stones 14 On Fire Free Tickets Giveaway? It’s a Facebook scam

Beware the latest scam spreading on Facebook, claiming to offer free tickets to a Rolling Stones concert.

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Porsha Williams Sex Video scam spreads on Facebook – don’t be duped!

Fans of tacky reality TV shows should be on their guard, after a scam has spread widely on Facebook claiming to be a link to a sex tape video of one of the stars of “Real Housewives of Atlanta”.

OMG! Facebook newsfeed still polluted by spammy scam video links. Who would have thought it?

Despite Facebook’s announcement that they were cleaning up users’ newsfeeds, spammy video links still spread earning money for fraudsters.

Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 video scams still being found on Facebook

Cold-hearted scammers have no qualms about taking advantage of horrific news stories.

Although Facebook has squashed some of the scams related to the missing Malaysian MH370 airplane, others are still popping up.

Police officer caught having sex with cheerleader Facebook scam spreads

Facebook scammers lure the unwary with a salacious sex video claiming to show a cheerleader and a New York police officer.

Will Facebook users ever learn to avoid such scams?

‘Huge plane crashes into bridge’ video is a Facebook survey scam

Thousands of Facebook users have fallen for the latest scam, which claims that a plane has crashed into a bridge.

Investigating the scam reveals a number of other survey scams that the fraudsters are planning to unleash on Facebook users.

Giant snake swallows zookeeper video scam spreads on Facebook

Facebook users are once again being duped into helping fraudsters earn money, by sharing links claiming to link to a shocking video.

On this occasion the messages – which are spreading quickly across Facebook – claim to link to a gruesome video of a giant snake eating a zookeeper.

Rihanna has NOT been ‘found dead after being raped’. Sick Facebook scam spreads

Pop star Rihanna has been the subject of various Facebook scams in the past, many of which have lured unsuspecting members of the public with the promise of watching a sex video.

However, on this occasion, things have taken an even sicker twist…