Supermicro says independent investigation found no spy chips on its motherboards

An independent audit has found no evidence that malicious chips were planted on Supermicro’s motherboards, debunking Bloomberg claims that servers at Amazon and Apple were being spied upon by China.

Department of Homeland Security and GCHQ back Apple and Amazon’s denials they were hacked by China

The US Department of Homeland Security and UK’s GCHQ have rallied behind the vigorous denials issued by Amazon and Apple, after Bloomberg BusinessWeek reported China had planted malicious computer chips on systems used by the tech giants.

China accused of sabotaging thousands of servers at major US companies with tiny microchips hidden on motherboards

An extraordinary report released by Bloomberg BusinessWeek, which claims that China has been exploiting the supply-chain, planting a tiny microchip on servers which ended up in the server rooms of almost 30 companies, including the likes of Apple and Amazon.