If China or Russia had compromised every mobile phone, *then* would the authorities take it more seriously?

Gemalto says it was hacked, and believes it could have been the NSA or GCHQ who did it.

So how should different countries respond to the reports that secure mobile phone communications may now be compromised? Watch this video to see what Australian spooks had to say.

SIM-maker Gemalto admits it was hacked, but downplays seriousness

The world’s largest SIM manufacturer has provided details to the press about its investigation into the alleged hacking by NSA and GCHQ, concluding that it believes its SIM cards are secure.

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Spies in your SIM card? After alleged hack by NSA and GCHQ, manufacturer says its SIMs are secure

Gemalto says it will reveal later this week details of its investigation into an alleged hack by the NSA and GCHQ.

The firm, which makes billions of SIM cards each year, and counts 450 mobile operators as clients, is said to have been attacked in 2010-2011.