Kickstarter hacked. Users told to change passwords

This weekend, crowdfunding website Kickstarter issued what it called “an important security notice”.

But what most of us would have more easily recognised it as an announcement that the firm had been hacked.

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Inside Facebook security, and how to better protect your account

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Reporter investigating Facebook has his account hacked.. by me

Last night, UK TV show “Tonight” broadcast a 30 minute documentary called “Facing up to Facebook”. As well as looking into some of the great things that Facebook can do (for instance, they told the story of how the family of a British man who had been critically injured while holidaying in Mexico had managed

Fine for alleged scareware firm which ignored court order

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The spy who loved me: NASA, spyware, and online romance

It used to be the case that single men and women met down the pub, at pottery classes, or at the funfair just behind the dodgems. But today, with more and more people working longer hours, many – if not finding love in the workplace – are turning to internet dating websites for romance.

I spy with my private eye..

Regular visitors will be familiar with the case of Ruth and Michael Haephrati, the husband-and-wife team who wrote a Trojan horse and then sold it to detective agencies in Israel who used it to help business rivals spy on each other.

Virus-writing contests are still a bad idea

There has been a right hoohah in the media and blogosphere about the “Race To Zero” contest being arranged for the next Defcon conference. In a nutshell, the “Race To Zero” organisers think it’s a good idea to encourage people to create new malware variants in order to test anti-virus products.