Barely 1% of Android users are running Nougat, as Apple shows how to update devices properly

In a world where we are increasingly using our smartphones to do business, make purchases and communicate with our friends and family it’s important to recognise that sensible security doesn’t start and end on your desk – it begins in your pocket.

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Windows 8.1 Update – Microsoft forces users to update OS if they want future security updates

Microsoft is insisting you won’t receive any more security updates for Windows 8.1, unless you install Windows 8.1 Update.

Microsoft warns in advance of five security bulletins it will publish on Tuesday. Are you ready to patch?

Windows and Microsoft Office are in the firing line.

But will Google engineer Tavis Ormandy’s latest security hole also be fixed?

Oracle, please stop sneakily foisting third-party toolbars on us with your Java updates

If you’re installing a critical security update on your computer, caused by the software vendor’s sloppy code quality, you probably wouldn’t dream that your software vendor is trying to make some money out of the inconvenience.