Flashback, the biggest Mac malware attack of all time. Is it still a threat?

Should we still be fearful of Flashback and why might educational establishments be particularly troubled by the notorious Mac malware?

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Mac malware spread disguised as cracked versions of Angry Birds, Pixelmator and other top apps

Mac users are warned not to download pirated software from file-sharing peer-to-peer networks, as ESET researchers have discovered Bitcoin-stealing malware being spread via cracked apps.

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Knock to Unlock replaces passwords. A good way to secure your Mac?

Should knocking twice on your iPhone unlock your computer?

Take our poll and tell us what you think.

Mac malware found in malformed Word documents – is China to blame?

Minority groups in China appear to have been targeted by a Mac malware attack, delivered via boobytrapped Word documents.

Who could possibly be interested in targeting their computers?

Serious security holes fixed in Opera – but Mac App Store users left at risk again

It should go without saying that if you use Opera, you should update to version 12.13 as soon as possible.

But… what if you didn’t get your copy of Opera from the official website?

What if, instead, you acquired your version of Opera for Mac from Apple’s Mac App Store?

Dockster Mac malware found on Dalai Lama-related website

Mac malware has been found on a website related to the Dalai Lama, capable of allowing hackers to steal files and spy on keystrokes.

Python-based malware attack targets Macs. Windows PCs also under fire

A new malware attack is targeting Mac computers with a Python-based backdoor Trojan.

And Windows computers aren’t getting away scot free either.

History of Mac malware: 1982 – 2011

Viruses, spyware, worms and Trojans aren’t just a Windows problem.

Here’s a short history of the Mac malware scene – from 1982 to the present day.

Free Sophos Anti-Virus for Mac: ‘Frankly there’s no reason not to try it’

Do you have a Mac at home? Do you run anti-virus on it?

Although there is much less malware for the Mac than for Windows, that’s no reason to put your head in the sand. And the specialist Mac magazines seem to agree..

Mac users need to wake up to the social engineering threat

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The five most popular Clu-blog posts of 2009

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Foxit PDF reader for Mac? Or malware?

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Boobytrapped images pose threat to Mac users, warns Apple

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Apple Mac malware: caught on camera

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