Facebook donates $250,000 to help fight cybercrime (using money acquired from spammers)

Cybercrime investigators at the University of Alabama at Birmingham have been awarded $250,000 by Facebook, for the great work they do helping fight cybercrime – including helping unmask the people behind the Koobface botnet.

Koobface gang turns off command servers, as Russian police explain lack of action

The publication of a detailed probe into the alleged members of the Koobface malware gang appears to have had an instant impact.

But there’s no sign that the Russian authorities are planning to investigate the alleged gang anytime soon.

How five members of the Koobface malware gang were unmasked

The in-depth story of how five men have been identified as part of the Koobface gang, in a detailed investigation conducted by independent researcher Jan Drömer and Dirk Kollberg of SophosLabs.

A must-read!

Koobface malware gang – the noose tightens?

Members of the Koobface malware gang might be feeling a little hot under the collar as evidence has begun to spill onto the internet about the alleged identity of one of its members.

And there’s more information still to come..

Social networking security threats discussed on MarketPlace Tech Report

Chet Wisniewski, a frequent guest on the MarketPlace Tech Report radio show, has been discussing social networking threats – including the infamous Koobface worm. Take a listen and learn more.

VIDEO: Cross-platform malware runs on Windows, Mac and Linux

Watch a video of the Boonana malware as it infects on Windows, Mac and Ubuntu Linux via a malicious Java applet.

Cross-platform Boonana Trojan targets Facebook users

The Boonana malware targets Mac OS X, Linux and Windows, and is being spread via Facebook. Don’t think you’re immune from attacks just because you don’t run Windows..

The truth about the Facebook Knob Face worm

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Is Amazon sending you a Sony Bravia? Beware the malware attack

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The SMARTGRRL15 virus hoax lives again

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Twitter warns users of Koobface worm

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Sophos stops new version of Koobface social networking worm

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