Buggy iTunes 11.2 update opened serious security hole on Apple Macs

Did the /Users folder on your Apple Mac disappear into thin air?

It turns out that was just a symptom of a more serious problem, introduced by the iTunes 11.2 update. Find out more and make sure you download an update to the update.

Does Apple care more about securing Mac users than iPhone users?

Does Apple treat all of its products equally when it comes to security? Sadly, it seems they don’t.

Read more in my article on the Intego Mac Security blog.

Apple patches iPhones, iPads, iMacs and MacBooks against critical security holes

If you are using Apple computers or iDevices, I recommend that you update your operating system as soon as possible – because on Tuesday the Cupertino-based firm published some critical security updates.

Webcam spying without turning on the LED? Researchers prove it’s possible

It’s news that will please internet perverts and Peeping Toms.

Turns out you can’t trust the LED indicator light on your webcam to tell you if you’re being spied upon or not…