US reportedly blaming North Korea for Sony Pictures hack. But why?

It would be good to know what the evidence is, as it sure doesn’t have the hallmarks of a state-sponsored attack.

Consumers worried about call centre security, new survey reveals

Are call centres keeping your sensitive information safe and out of the hands of criminals?

76% of UK adults are worried, survey claims.

Heartbleed blamed for hack that put 4.5 million patients at risk

Heartache for Community Health Systems, as an unpatched Juniper device is blamed for serious security breach.

Why iOS 8 could be bad news for retailers who want to track your movements

The dramatic rise in popularity of iPhones and iPads in recent years means that Apple has had to become even more effective in protecting against hackers and snoopers.

Domino’s Pizza refuses to pay ransom after customer database hacked

A group of hackers claim to have stolen the personal details of some 650,000 pizza lovers, and have threatened to release them to the world if Domino’s Pizza doesn’t cough up a hefty ransom.

Kudos to Domino’s for taking a stand. Read more in my article on the We Live Security blog.

Hooters blames hackers after tasteless ‘joke’ posted to its Facebook page

This weekend, someone posted an offensive rape ‘joke’ on the official Facebook page of the Hooters restaurant chain.

The firm claims it was hacked. But was it?

Malicious contracts spammed out by hackers

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HCKAED: Facebook Scrabble application knocked offline by hackers

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China crisis? Now India claims hackers are attacking it from behind the bamboo curtain

Accusations that Beijing-backed hackers are probing the official networks of foreign governments with intrusions and spyware seem to be popping up with more regularity.