Google Plus

Google admits Google Plus hit by *another* privacy flaw, speeds up site’s closure

Google has admitted that Google Plus suffered another security failure last month, allowing the personal information of 52 million users to be accessed by third-party apps and developers without permission.

Google chose not to go public about bug that exposed Google Plus users’ data

The really big news today is not that Google is shutting down Google Plus (who cares?), but rather that Google knew months ago that user data had been exposed and kept the fact quiet.

Hotmail user swamped with thousands of unwanted emails, after Gmail goes down

If you think you receive a lot of unwanted email each day, spare a thought for Hotmail user David S. Peck of Fresno, California.

He’s the owner of an email account that received thousands of unwanted messages, as Gmail went down for a few hours last week.

Google makes it easy for strangers to email you, without knowing your email address

Who thought this was a good idea to turn on by default?

Here’s how to restrict Gmail to only allow emails from people who actually, you know, *know* your email address…

YouTube comment spam on the rise. Google tries to fight back

YouTube has never been home to high quality debate and quality conversations in its comments section.

But Google’s latest changes to the system seem to have brought a new wave of spam and malicious links.

Goodbye pseudonyms! Android app store reviews will now show your Google+ name and picture

No more pseudonymous reviews on Google Play – from now on, any feedback you leave on Android apps will be accompanied by your name and photograph.

Facebook revamps privacy settings – but misses opportunity to do so much more

Facebook has announced that it is rolling out what appears to be a major change to its privacy settings.

But at the same time, it has missed a massive opportunity to lead the way on privacy.

Why you shouldn’t trust Google+ Verified Accounts

Google may have started to roll out verification badges for celebrities and public figures who have Google+ accounts. But, unfortunately, it’s not going to close the door to fraud on the fledgling social network.

Google+ suspends Anonymous account, hacktivists announce AnonPlus in response

Will Anonymous create its own social network to give a platform for the oppressed to communicate with the rest of the world?

Google+ invite scam spreads on Facebook via rogue application

Want a Google+ invite?

Be careful not to fall for a scam spreading quickly on rival social network Facebook.

Google+ runs out of disk space, spams users with notifications

Google apologises after Google+ users are bombarded with multiple notification messages, due to a bug in the social networking’s code after the site – astonishingly – ran out of disk space.

The first big Google+ spam campaign blasted out by pill-pushers

It may be the first major cybercriminal campaign exploiting the Google+ brand – spammers send out bogus Google+ invitations that in reality point to online pharmacies.