Lenovo’s website hijacked (briefly) by High School Musical-loving hackers

Just when they probably imagined they were over the worst… Lenovo’s website has been hijacked – and emails compromised – by the Lizard Squad gang.

Superfish, the man-in-the-middle adware installed on Lenovo PCs. What you need to know

An almighty furore has kicked off after it was discovered that for months Lenovo has been shipping PCs and laptops with software pre-installed that could compromise your security and privacy.

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Millions of Android users at risk from adware, secretly lurking inside Google Play apps

Beware! That game you downloaded from the official Google Play store might contain some unpleasant adware.

“Girl killed by husband just because she kissed another men” Facebook scam

Facebook users are at risk of infecting their computers with malware, if they fall for the latest gruesome video scam spreading on the social network.

Now Google Chrome warns if your browser has been hijacked

Browser hijacking is a big problem.

So I’m pleased to see Google doing more to help Windows users who are suffering from the shady toolbars and add-ons that fiddle with Chrome’s settings.

Good riddance – Zango shuts down

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