Download VASCO’s Mobile Banking Security eBook [Sponsor]

Many thanks to the great folks at VASCO, who have sponsored my writing for the past week.

VASCO is offering a free eBook, “Increase Trust for Mobile Banking”, which will be of particular interest to those who work in the banking and financial services industry.

Successful banks and financial institutions recognise that mobile banking is at the core of their business these days, and creating a robust and secure mobile application is going to enable them to improve customer engagement, increase transaction volume, make the shift from higher-cost channels, and retain and attract new banking customers.

VASCO’s mobile banking security eBook discusses the latest trends, best practices and use cases.

By downloading the free eBook, you will discover:

  • How to increase mobile banking security and user convenience
  • How to enable high value services on mobile
  • How to establish a mobile first strategy
  • Use cases: mobile cash, P2P payments, mobile payments
  • Download Your Free Copy
  • Increasing Trust for Mobile Banking

When it comes to mobile banking, you have to adapt fast. Download VASCO’s free eBook and be prepared!

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