How are you going to protect the next generation of your Mobile Applications?

Many thanks to the great folks at VASCO, who have sponsored my writing for the past week.

Today business growth means providing more services to more customers anytime and anywhere they choose.

This is driving an explosive growth in mobile apps. Of course, criminals are hard at work crafting malware to steal data and money from unsuspecting users.

The best way to protect your app’s users is to integrate VASCO’s RASP (Runtime Application Self-Protection) security technology.

Learn more, watch a video explanation, and download VASCO’s free white paper where you will discover:

  • Which intrusions RASP can detect and prevent
  • How natively integrated RASP technology strengthens mobile applications
  • How RASP bridges the divide between infrastructure and app server owners
  • Why applications secured with RASP result in a lower cost, higher benefit ratio

Runtime application self-protection is critical for next generation app security, so learn more now, watch the video and download VASCO’s free white paper.

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