VASCO white paper- Strong authentication to solve your everyday banking problems

Many thanks to the great folks at VASCO Data Security, who have sponsored my writing for the past week.

Experts argue that e-banking authentication has become so stagnant since the 2005 Guidance that it is no longer considered “cool” or innovative. Tokens, key fobs, mobile tokens, SMS codes, phone calls certainly did their job confirming a customer’s identity and combating cyber-attacks for many years. What has changed since 2005?

We want you to pause for a moment and take a fresh look at how strong authentication can serve banks in areas you never thought of using it for. Can strong authentication help achieve a much needed convenience, security, and cost savings beyond online banking login?

Discover nine innovative use cases from VASCO that will help you visualize how application security, multi-factor authentication, and fraud prevention solutions can play out to create a secure and frictionless user experience.

Download this executive summary by American Banker and VASCO to learn more about:

  • Authentication across all channels
  • Convenient retail mobile banking
  • Cardless ATM
  • Bank card PIN issuance and mailers
  • Call center and IVR authentication
  • ACH batch payments
  • Functionality vs security in commercial mobile banking app
  • Cross-channel authentication for commercial banking
  • Branch employee and device authentication

Interested in learning more? Download VASCO’s white paper on how to Innovate with Strong Authentication to Solve your Everyday Banking Problems.

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