How to write a killer pentest report

How to write a killer pentest report

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Reports are the critical deliverables that make pentest results actionable, but do they have to be so painful to prepare?

Not anymore.

Check out our guide to writing a killer pentest report. And then supercharge your efforts by automating the process with PlexTrac!

PlexTrac is the premier penetration test reporting, collaboration and management platform designed to streamline the complete pentesting life cycle. With PlexTrac you can automate planning, documentation, communication, and remediation tracking so your team can work more efficiently, collaborate more effectively, deliver more actionable findings, and provide greater value from every testing engagement.

From staging offensive engagements and conducting assessments to analyzing data and delivering findings, PlexTrac enables you to deliver high-quality pentest reports and actionable insights — quicker than you ever thought possible.

PlexTrac takes the pain out of pentest documentation so your team can spend more time hacking and less time reporting. Learn more at

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