Ready to enhance your continuous assessment efforts? Meet PlexTrac

Ready to enhance your continuous assessment efforts? Meet PlexTrac

Many thanks to the great folks at Plextrac, who have sponsored my writing for the past week.

If you are investing in solutions for continuous assessment and validation or breach and attack simulation, you know that managing the data and remediation efforts necessary to make real progress can be overwhelming.

PlexTrac can help.

PlexTrac is the premier pentest reporting automation and collaboration platform. With PlexTrac you can automate planning, documentation, communication, and remediation tracking so your team can work more efficiently, collaborate more effectively, deliver more actionable findings, and provide greater value from every testing and tooling investment.

PlexTrac integrates with the frontrunners in automated pentesting and continuous validation — like Pentera, Cobalt, and Horizon3 — and ingests data from nearly any tool through its open API. Additionally, robust integrations with Jira and ServiceNow enable ticketing and tracking in your team’s preferred platform to close the loop on the continuous assessment cycle.

With your automated testing data in PlexTrac, you are empowered to manage, ticket, track, and remediate rapidly, not to mention produce powerful analytics and reports to demonstrate your progress.

See how PlexTrac closes the gap between PTaaS and BAS solutions and remediation efforts to achieve a better security posture in this on-demand webinar on achieving continuous validation.

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