Peerlyst has launched an Infosec-only securedrop [Sponsor]

Many thanks to the great folks at Peerlyst, who have sponsored my writing for the past week. is where information security practitioners go to talk shop, advance their careers, and boost their professional reputations.

Peerlyst has launched the very first Infosec-only securedrop.

Big newspapers like The Guardian, The Intercept or Washington Post have securedrops for public-benefit whistleblowing.

Now there’s a securedrop for security things, where researchers can submit information and documents securely, safely, and anonymously to Peerlyst’s Review Board.

Check out Peerlyst’s SecureDrop, and read the original launch announcement.

We’re following the best practice guidelines from Freedom of the Press foundation to run this process appropriately.

The SecureDrop review board will assess vulnerabilities and breaches, and in general any documentation or information submitted, and if warranted, share that information with affected companies, the Peerlyst community, or the news media.

The hope is to expose information that will be beneficial to the Infosec Community as a whole when brought into the light as opposed to hiding out of sight or NDA’d into silence.

Please visit and start participating in our community.

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