Help prevent a breach in your organisation by watching these Microsoft Office webcasts

Many thanks to the great folks at Microsoft Office, who have sponsored my writing for the past week.

Most of us recognise that things have changed a lot in the workplace in the last ten years or so. The concept of the network perimeter has become a lot fuzzier as staff increasingly work remotely, and as companies take advantage of cloud-based technologies and third-party services.

Why does this matter for security? It matters because some businesses have failed to keep up with the changing world, continuing to depend upon a perimeter-based network security approach.

A failure to adapt means your company could be failing to stay ahead of malicious hackers – hackers who have become more sophisticated and organised in their attacks, hell bent on identifying and targeting the weakpoints in infrastructure in order to steal data.

Technology is certainly changing how we secure businesses from attack. But there’s one thing that is not going to change any time soon – the human element. You should never underestimate the potential damage that could be caused by the insider threat – and yet managing the “people” part of security is one of the biggest problems IT teams can face today.

You can help your company stay ahead of these challenges by checking out some of the webcasts that Microsoft Office has produced as part of its Modern Workplace series.

Recent episodes have focused on cyber intelligence – specifically how you can help prevent a breach, and an examination of how employees can pose the biggest threat to an organisation’s security.

In the webcasts, CISOs share their expertise by describing the sometimes simple steps that can be taken to motivate your staff to work together in proactively helping to prevent a successful hack attack. And if you register on the site you’ll also be gain access to exclusive white papers and ebooks describing the top techniques used by hackers.

Don’t delay. Check out the webcasts, and start learning more about how you and your staff can be work together better to prevent security breaches in future.

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