See what lost productivity costs your company. Try Layer8 from Logfiller free for 30 days [Sponsor]

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“We had no idea…!” See what lost productivity costs your company.

Layer8 from Logfiller is a new data source that gives powerful and precise insight into what happens across IT systems in real-time. It provides broad and detailed views of users’ interactions.

By taking an entirely different approach to standard mechanisms of generating “machine data” Layer8 generates “user data” – to provide for the first-time real Windows User Experience metrics, including a unique User Experience Rating (UXR), the ratio of wait time to active time, represented as a percentage.

Complementary to a SIEM, Layer8’s rich dataset allows for business-centric intelligence to be leveraged, and in doing so, shape better decisions.

Layer8 can fill the inevitable gaps left behind with SIEM, bolstering your ability to maintain Compliance and mitigate Cyber Security threats.

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