Keeper Connection Manager: Privileged access to remote infrastructure with zero-trust and zero-knowledge security

Keeper Connection Manager : Privileged access to remote infrastructure with zero-trust and zero-knowledge security

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IT and DevOps teams were presented with new challenges with the mass-migration to home working, and found themselves forced to perform infrastructure monitoring and management remotely. What is clearly needed is a secure, reliable, and scalable way to remotely connect to computing systems that is easy to manage.

Keeper Connection Manager (KCM) provides DevOps and IT teams with effortless access to RDP, SSH, databases and Kubernetes endpoints through a web browser. KCM is an agentless remote desktop gateway that can be installed in any on-premise or cloud environment.

KCM significantly enhances security by enabling organizations to adopt zero-trust remote access to IT infrastructure, which the majority of VPNs do not support, with features such as least-privilege access, role-based access control (RBAC) and multi-factor authentication (MFA).

KCM is agentless and clientless. End users interact with remote desktops via a secure session from their web browser, and there are no special plugins or client software to install and maintain. In addition to all major desktop web browsers, KCM fully supports iOS and Android web browsers on mobile and tablet devices, where users enjoy access to the same capabilities as they have when accessing systems from a desktop, including RDP and SSH sessions.

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